Brazil Carnaval at come à la Night

The Brazilian Delight Experience in Luxembourg!

Come à la Night is pleased to present the event « Brazil Carnaval » on Saturday the 29th of February 2020 with special Dj guest Gavinha from Brazil feat. live percussion performance, brazilian samba dancers and tropical cocktails !

Adjacent to our bar Come à la Cave , Come à la Night offers its dedicated Cocktail Bar with its Dancefloor and its new sound and light system!

Join us for the at the bar and enjoy delicious tropical cocktails and cachaça tasting from 9 p.m. | Live dj Set satrting at 10p.m.


  • Dj & Live percussion
  • Samba Dancers
  • Cocktails Bar & DanceFloor
  • Tropical Cocktails
  • Cachaça Tasting
  • Cachaças Premium
  • Brazilian Premium Gin

Join the DanceFloor, join the event on Facebook.



The most beloved Brazilian spirit “Cachaça” reached the world of mixology bringing new flavors to luxembourg for the best cocktails recipes thanks to our partner « Cachaça Hub Luxembourg »

Our professional bartender team members,  Andrea Mezzanotte and Pierantonio Colucci have created 6 Brazilian Flavored Delicious Cocktails.

Get your Saturday night started with one of our fresh created Brazilian Flavored Cocktails  !



LIVE DJ SET By DJ GAVINHA FROM BRAZIL + live percussion performance

Gavinha Music, Live Percussion & Brazilian Dancers

Come à la Night is proud to present DJ Gavinha from Brazil (NightLife Entertainemant) ! Over the years, DJ Gavinha has had a diverse range of musical experience, since the early 90’s when he was prominent on the dance and club scene. He has been able to constantly reinvent himself, always promoting cutting edge trends as a promoter, DJ, designer and business man.
His passion for music spans classical, jazz, bossa nova, lounge, disco, dance, pop and melodic trance.
Gavinha has been resident DJ at clubs all over the South of Brazil, and has participated in tours of South America as a whole, with international labels such as Ministry of Sound, Defected, Hed Kandi, Gatecrasher, Slinky, OM Records, Subliminal, Hotel Costes, Buddha Bar, Cadezena, People from Ibiza, Café Del Mar to name a few. 

Since 2004, Gavinha has developed projects for renowned brands and pioneered the fusion between DJ-ing and Live Performance (sax, keyboards, percussion, violin, and bass). His passion for downtempo rhythms and world music put his name alongside producers such as Stephane Pompougnac, Ravin, Lalann, Tony Montana and Bossa N’Stones.
His international career began in 2007 and has seen him in many countries, such as the United States, Uruguay, Bolivia, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Portugal, France, Spain, Africa and the UAE. We are excited to welcome him to Come à la Night! Don’t miss it!